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    how to upload photos :)


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    how to upload photos :) Empty how to upload photos :)

    Post  treebuddy on Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:15 pm

    this is a short video via my you tube account on how to post pics on the forums sorry for video being poor quality and i hope this helps Smile because yes ppl are still asking me the question do i need permission or how do i etc so here ya go Smile

    PS 800 px forums pictures is what i use.... and PS your in game screen resolution also affects Ur screen shots ie my in-game resolution is set pretty high not sure at what i would have to look it up lol since im uploading on you-tube atm couldn't tell ya lol

    so cheers lets get some screenies loaded lol!

    how to upload photos :) Icon_w11
    how to upload photos :) 2uh01uo

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